ICBUSC, Interdisciplinary Center of Biostatistics of the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela


Xosé Luis Otero Cepeda

Professor of Biostatistics
University of Santiago de Compostela

Biographical background

Professor at the Department of Statistics and Operations Research of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and member of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Biostatistics at the University of Santiago de Compostela (ICBUSC).

From the start of his research career (1980), Xosé Luis has participated in research of different Health areas. His Doctoral thesis was based on pattern recognition of electrophysiological response of neurological patients to discriminate between different types of pathologies.

In 1992, he contacted and signed a collaboration agreement with the Public Health Department of Health of the Galician government. In this area, he worked in epidemiological research tasks and studies of incidence of HIV infection, survival in cancer patients, monitoring the effect of vaccines, etc.

Regarding his teaching career, we can emphasize the co-direction of the Master of Biostatistics at USC (2005-2007) together with Carmen Cadarso Suárez. He has co-directed doctoral theses in several fields such as epidemiology, ophthalmology, dentistry, sports and health.

He has participated and continues to participate as a research group member of research projects in several sanitary areas, such as the USC Interdisciplinary Research Group in Statistics, Computation, Medicine and Biology (GRIDECMB).

Xosé Luis Otero Cepeda
Xosé Luis Otero Cepeda
Professor of Biostatistics
Statistics and Operations Research
University of Santiago de Compostela
+34 8818 12282