ICBUSC, Interdisciplinary Center of Biostatistics of the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela


Satellite Workshop: Multi-State Models with R

Santiago de Compostela (Spain). 24th January 2019


This course will focus on methodological and practical issues in the scope of competing risks and multi-state models. Basic concepts, models, estimation algorithms and statistical software will be reviewed. Simulation exercises and real data analyses will be provided in order to enlighten the interpretation and to facilitate the understanding. Both nonparametric methods and semiparametric approaches will be considered.


The course will be delivered by Jacobo de Uña Álvarez (University of Vigo) and Luís Filipe Meira Machado (University of Minho).


[15:00 – 15:45] Introduction. Survival function and hazard function. Right-censoring and left-truncation. Competing risks. Markov and non-Markov multi-state models. Time-homogeneity and time inhomogeneity. Motivating examples (real data).

[15:45 – 16:30] Competing risks. The competing risks multi-state model. Non-identifiability in the latent failure time model. Cause-specific hazards (transition intensities) and sub-distribution hazards. Cumulative incidence functions. Simulating competing risks data. Nonparametric estimation.

[16:30 – 16:45] Break

[16:45 – 17:45] Proportional hazards regression models. Proportional cause-specific hazards model. Proportional sub-distribution hazards model.

[17:45 – 18:30] Illness-death model (and beyond), part I. The progressive illness-death model. Occupation probabilities, transition probabilities, cumulative incidence functions and sojourn distributions. Nonparametric estimation: Markov vs non-Markov.

[18:30 – 18:45] Break

[18:45 – 19:30] Illness-death model (and beyond), part II. Simulating Markov, semi-Markov and non-Markov data. Regression models. Direct binomial regression with time-varying coefficients. General multi-state models.

[19:30 – 20:30] More on software. Sample of R packages: survival, cmprsk, etm, mvna, mstate, timereg, idmTPreg, TP.idm, survdim, msm, survminer.


Biostatnet Members, SEB Members and University Students: 50 Euros

Others: 100 Euros


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